Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How Did You Get Where You're Going?

If you had told me five years ago, even one year ago, that I would have gotten an A in Bio, dissected a cadaver and looked forward to getting up by 6:00 a.m. every Monday through Friday, I probably would have laughed in your face and walked away. Yet, as my life has gone thus far, never is a word that comes back to haunt me time and time again.

Take my banking "career". As a wide-eyed recent college graduate, I took on the world with abounding excitement, expecting great things to come my way. I, of course, headed for the Great White Way and all the fulfillment that comes with being a famous Broadway dancer. I dated a banker who was all that you would expect - the slick facade, the corporate card, and all the pompous attitude one could muster. Upon our relationship's demise, due only slightly in part to all the aforementioned lustrous qualities Mr. X possessed, I swore I would NEVER work in a bank. Two years later, there I was...living back in the hometown to which I swore I would never return, working for the President & CEO of a regional community bank.

Thank goodness for fate. It was at that place where I met my wonderful husband and many dear friends. Never say never...it's a cliche for a reason!

I have started my OT studies after graduating with a BA in Photojournalism in 1999. About mid-way through my pregnancy (a year and a half ago) I decided I needed a change professionally and began the process toward becoming an elementary educator. So how the heck did I end up studying OT? By the graces of a wonderful and insightful Graduate Admissions Director who saw something in me and said, "Hey, did you ever think about OT?" Of course my answer was, "What is OT?" {insert groan here.}

I did my homework and here I am, deep in the throes of occupation-based, evidence-based, top-down, client-centered studies and so grateful to the gentleman who saw the OT in me.

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