Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Get The Most You Can

A lady never tells her age. I don't consider myself to be a lady in the classic sense of the word. I'm 31.

As an "older" student, I have the privilege of bringing a bit of wordliness and perspective to my OT studies. My undergrad days consisted of a great deal of relaxation, socializing and partying. I did, however, participate in a few groups, tried the diving team for a semester, and was even the president of the dance company for a year. Still, I'd say my overall undergrad experience can be classified as getting by with the least amount of effort. When I embarked upon this great journey of OT studies, I made one promise to myself: I would get the most possible out of my {very pricy} graduate education.

So far, as my first of four semesters comes to a close, I feel I've done a great job with this promise to myself. Engaging in every opportunity I possibly can has not only been fulfilling, but has also broadened my perspective and knowledge base. The tools I've learned outside the classroom have been just as valuable as the education I'm receiving.

As the days pass by swiftly, I find myself setting goals and actually achieving them, which then motivates me to do more and more. A vicious cycle, I know, but quite conducive to my overly active imagination! I've volunteered at the state conference and a local disability awareness day, listened to speakers, engaged in meaningful conversations with guests and professors, and have now begun to write about my experiences - not because I am required to do so for class, but for the possibility of getting published while still in school {my number one goal}.

While I don't necessarily regret my undergraduate experience, I do wish I had sought out more experiences. I encourage each of you to catch the bug I've caught - regardless of your age or level of study. You will find that when you look back on what you accomplished as a student, you'll be quite pleasantly surprised. I know I already am!

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Occupational Therapy Otago said...

Hi Molly
Great to hear that you are enjoying your training. It is amazing what you can fit into a day when you are motivated. Sounds like you are making the most of your time. I agree that making the time to do the extra things that are on offer to students can give you some great opportunities.